La Hora del Cuento Virtual/Virtual Storytime - "Quito Express"

Thursday, June 25

This special la Hora del Cuento Virtual/Virtual Storytime is presented by Ecuadorian actor Christoph Baumann, who reads Ludwig Bemelmans' lesser-known story, Quito Express.

Bemelmans was an Austrian author, an internationally known writer and illustrator of children’s books. He is most noted today for his Madeline books, six of which were published from 1939-1961. A seventh was discovered after his death and published posthumously in 1999. Bemelmans wrote this book, Quito Express, after traveling to Ecuador, and it was originally published in 1938 by Viking Press. The story has not been shared as widely as the Madeline series but it is an important one.

Also in this video, viewers are invited to join the editors of Quito Express, Roger Ycaza and visiting research professor, Gabriela Alemán, for a pre-reading talk about the background and history of the story.

Quito Express

Quito Express - 26:36