Nora Navra Library

Nora Navra Library
1902 St. Bernard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 596-3118 Directions News


Nora Navra Library is currently providing the following:

  • Contactless Pick-Up & Drop-Off by appointment
    • Mondays - Thursdays from 10am - 6pm
    • Fridays - Saturdays from 10am - 5pm
  • 45-Minute In-Library Sessions by appointment; walk-ups welcome
    • Mondays - Thursdays from 10am - 10:45am, 11am - 11:45am, 1pm - 1:45pm, 2pm - 2:45pm, 3pm - 3:45pm, and 4pm - 4:45pm
    • Fridays from 10am - 10:45am, 11am - 11:45am, 1pm - 1:45pm, 2pm - 2:45pm, and 3pm - 3:45pm

Nora Navra Library is also offering wireless printing services. Print up to 10 pages at the Library by clicking here and following the instructions. Then contact the Library to schedule a contactless pick-up time.

Library Manager - Katy Hepner

Nora Navra Library, originally called Branch Nine, opened in two temporary locations during 1946. The original permanent 2,500-square-foot building, located at 1902 St. Bernard Avenue, was dedicated as the Nora Navra Library on May 2, 1954. Branch Nine and Nora Navra Library served the people of the Seventh Ward continuously for 69 years until it was destroyed by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The destroyed building was demolished in 2017, and construction began on a new one. The celebration of the new 7,800 square foot building, held on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25, 2018, marked the official reopening of all six of the Libraries that were damaged beyond repair by Hurricane Katrina.

History of Nora Navra Library