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Building Projects And Maintenance

Central City Library Update

November 30 update: Walls and ceilings are 100% complete. Approximately 90% of the books in the Library have been cleaned. The containment areas and air scrubbers remain in place. Work to replace the backerboard in the IT closet has begun.

November 29 update: Approximately 60% of the walls and ceiling have been cleaned. Approximately 50% of the books in the Library have been cleaned. The containment areas and air scrubbers remain in place doing their thing. The contaminated plywood in the IT closet has been removed.

November 21 update: Mitigation and cleaning work will begin on Monday, November 27, at 9am. The project manager expects the project to take roughly 3 – 4 business days to complete based on the extent of the cleaning that is necessary.

November 20 update: Purchasing issued the PO. The vendor received the purchase order today.

November 17 update: Property Management is waiting on Purchasing to issue a purchase order number. Once a PO is issued, Property Management will coordinate the start of work with the vendor.

November 2 update: City Property Management had one contractor visit the site, study the situation, and provide a proposal. They are now in the process of gathering bids for the job.

October 30 update: Central City Library remains closed after Library staff detected mold in our space at Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center. A remediation contractor visited Central City Library on October 19. They let us know that after specialized cleaning and HEPA vacuuming is performed, they will perform “air clearance” sampling to ensure the work was complete and mold spore concentrations in the air have decreased since the original report we received. We will open the Library as soon as it is safe for our staff and patrons to return.

Central City Library is currently closed due to an HVAC issue after Library staff detected possible mold growth in our space. Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center staff brought in environmental scientists who tested the growth and determined it to be non-toxic. The Library is working with the Center to fix the issue and perform any needed cleanup. The Library will remain closed until repairs and any needed remediation are complete.

During the closure, books on hold that are usually picked up at Central City Library will be sent to Latter Library (5120 St. Charles Ave). You may also request to have them sent to another location for pick-up by logging into your Library account or by calling any location. Items may not be returned to Central City Library while it is closed to the public. Items may be returned to any other Library location.