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Who We Are

Our Mission

New Orleans Public Library: Transforming Lives, Enriching Neighborhoods, and Preserving History

Our Vision

New Orleans Public Library is a catalyst for change in a growing, connected, and vibrant city.

Our Statement on Equity

New Orleans Public Library is committed to equity in Library services, collections, programs, and staff. By being a catalyst for change, maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion, and respect, and eliminating barriers, we will set the standard for an equitable City of New Orleans.

2022 – 2031 Strategic Plan

In 2021, the Library Board of Directors adopted a ten-year Strategic Plan, which will carry the Library from 2022 to 2031 with a focus on three main pillars:

  1. SMART Kids – focus on early childhood education
  2. Job Readiness – focus on adult literacy, digital literacy, and workforce development
  3. Open Doors – focus on Library operations like circulation, internet access, programming, facilities, etc.

Read the new plan and see how we will create a Library lifestyle for all New Orleanians.

Our Core Values

Access – We provide pathways to information and tools for empowerment.
Accountability – We are all responsible for and take pride in our work.
Customer Service – We provide an excellent Library user experience to all. We embrace training opportunities and Library user feedback.
Innovation – We seek out and embrace new ideas. We encourage better solutions and creativity.
Intellectual Freedom – We encourage the right of every individual to seek and receive information from all points of view.
Partnerships – We actively seek out ways to work with members of the community and other organizations. We can all do more if we do it together.
Preservation – We preserve and celebrate the rich and diverse culture of New Orleans.
Respect & Compassion – We approach our work with open ears, open minds, and open hearts.
Teamwork – We value our individual and collective talents and work together to achieve solutions. We trust and respect each other.


» Emily Painton – Executive Director & City Librarian

» Tamyka Miles  –  Deputy Director / Assistant City Librarian  

» Don Bannister – Manager of Facilities and Maintenance

» Matthew Bowers – Head of Acquisitions & Collection Development

» Shukrani Gray – African American Resource Collection Equity and Inclusion Librarian

» Jane LeGros – Director of Marketing & Communications

» Ross Matthews – Director of Human Resources

» Jerry Pinkston – Director of Information Technology

» Michel Thompson – Business Manager & Fiscal Officer

» Heather Riley – Director of Public Services

Watch Our Staff Talk About Our Core Values