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‘As Important as My Right to Vote’: Central City Residents Grateful for Neighborhood Library

Central City Library is now open inside the Allie Mae Williams Multi-Service Center.

“Having a library in your neighborhood is great, and it’s something I think is really important for a good quality of life. It allows you to get access to books, access to education, access to knowledge that’s extremely important. For me, to be able to get books and then get home in less than five minutes is really palpable.”

Charles Delong Retires from Library After 32-Year Printing Career

Charles Delong, who worked in the duplications department for over 32 years.

Whenever you pick up a paper handout from the New Orleans Public Library, there’s a good chance you’re holding Charles Delong’s work. Since 1989, Delong has been behind the Library scenes, printing every bookmark, every poster, every brochure, flyer, business card ––you name it, he printed it. Now, after 32 years of hard work, Delong has retired, leaving behind him a time capsule to the days long before the inkjet printer.

Keller Library & Community Center: A Story of Resilience and Determination​

Exterior of Rosa F. Keller Library & Community Center

On April 4, 1954, the New Orleans Public Library opened its 11th location at 3841 Washington Avenue as the Norman Mayer Broadmoor Branch. In the 67 years since, it was closed twice, both times reopening bigger and better, thanks to its dedicated and outspoken neighbors.