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Customer Code of Conduct

Policy Name: Library Customer Code of Conduct
Policy #: 101
Revised: Approved by Board, August 21, 2012
Purpose: To provide a safe environment for the public and Library staff. To protect Library materials, equipment, and facilities. To comply with applicable laws. To provide equitable access to and use of Library facilities and services.
Summary: Defines behavior which is deemed unacceptable on Library property. Prohibits the possession of firearms or other weapons on Library property.

New Orleans Public Library Customer Code of Conduct

The following may not be brought into Libraries:

  • Weapons, illegal or dangerous substances.
  • Animals, with the exception of service dogs and service miniature horses.
  • Articles that will not fit under one Library chair, with the exception of strollers, assistive medical equipment, and wheelchairs.

The following behaviors are prohibited on New Orleans Public Library property:

  • Library policy prohibits any illegal or improper activity on the part of any customer that violates any federal, state, or local laws including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Threatening, abusive, harassing, endangering, stalking, or disruptive behavior including loud noises, profanity, and excessive trash/clutter by customer.
    • Vandalism or theft of Library, staff, or customer property.
    • Intoxication or consumption of alcohol/illegal drugs, or use of tobacco products.
  • Leaving children 10 years old and under unattended. (Child must be accompanied at all times by a responsible caregiver aged 16 or older. Parents or caregivers are responsible for monitoring and regulating children’s behavior and failure to do so will result in staff asking the children and their parents or caregivers to leave.)
  • Interfering with free passage anywhere on Library property including the blocking of entrances, steps to the entrances and exit doors to facility.
  • Eating food or drinking from open containers. (Some areas may allow beverages with lids or caps.)
  • Photographing or recording without staff consent.
  • Solicitation, polling, loitering, or proselytizing.
  • Violating Library’s electronic resource policy.
  • Entering any restricted areas in the Library. (Staff may restrict access to certain areas such as Teen and Children’s Areas.)
  • Sleeping, bathing, shaving, laundering clothes, or having bared torso or feet.
  • Strong or offensive body odor.
  • Threatening or potentially infectious health condition without appropriate covering such as un-bandaged open wounds, consistent and uncontrollable coughing, etc.
  • Leaving personal items unattended. (The Library is not responsible for personal items.)
  • Use of cell phones in areas designated as Quiet Zones. (Check with your individual branch to find out where Quiet Zones are located.)
  • Any other behavior deemed disruptive to Library operations and/or delivery of service to customers.
  • Violation of rules or refusing to comply with requests of Library staff and/or security officers may result in banning from Library.