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Read Like DJ Soul Sister With Her Curated Book Bundles

Melissa Webber –– aka DJ Soul Sister –– poses with two of the Book Bundles she curated for the New Orleans Public Library.

When DJ Soul Sister learned about the Library’s Book Bundle Service last summer –– which allows Library users to request staff-curated packages based on the genre, author, or subject of their choice –– she immediately knew she wanted to get involved.

“I thought it was such a great idea,” she said.

The beloved local radio personality is a lifelong Library enthusiast and an avid reader who is frequently asked to provide recommendations on what to read or watch next.

“I wanted to do this not only because it allows people to get into all of the titles and topics that I think are worth people’s time, but also because I’m such a fan of the New Orleans Public Library and its services that everyone can benefit from,” she said. “No matter who you are, the New Orleans Public Library has the tools to educate you on anything that you need.”

Over the next few months, she developed five separate Book Bundles:

  • Conversations in New Orleans Music History and Culture
  • New Orleans Music Memoirs, Biographies, Oral Histories
  • Soul Sister’s Favorite Music Memoirs and Biographies
  • Black Music Movie Marathon
  • Topics in Black Popular Music Studies


DJ Soul Sister said she hopes Library users get two things out of her Book Bundles –– lifelong learning and fun.

“Really, I want them to see that lifelong learning is fun,” she said. “All of my bundle selections pass my personal test for books that you can’t put down or films that you can’t stop watching.”

By partnering with the Library, DJ Soul Sister she hopes more people can gain an insight into the cultural influence of Black artists without feeling pressure to spend a single dollar.

“You know the saying, ‘the best things in life are free?’ When they said that, they meant the Library,” she said. I’ve been a fan of the New Orleans Public Library since I was little…and I’m thrilled to still cheer for the Library as an adult. It was there for me when I was young, and I’m so happy that it remains here for all of us regardless of age.”

She dedicated her Book Bundles and her love of the Library to her parents, who she described as “voracious readers” and Library advocates.

Learn more about the Library’s Book Bundle Service here. You can also call or visit your Library location to request a Book Bundle from DJ Soul Sister or one based on your own unique interests and tastes.

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