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Meet Dale Dolese: A Crescent City Sounds Artist

Over the decades, local musician Dale Dolese has played everything from punk to funk, across Louisiana, in the mountains of Colorado, and alongside Mardi Gras Indians in some of New Orleans’ most iconic venues. 

Growing up, Dolese was raised on the sounds of “brothel jazz, swamp funk and 9th Ward R&B” Last spring, he recorded his first solo album, “Shake It,” which is among those featured on Crescent City Sounds –– the only online streaming platform to exclusively showcase New Orleans artists. 

Dolese had barely finished the album when his brother told him the Library was seeking music submissions. 

“I was able to get it in, like right before the deadline,” Dolese said. “I’m just happy it was done in time.” 

He describes the album as “funk-infested with a hard, soulful edge.” Dolese was born and raised in New Orleans and spent time in Lafayette and Denver before returning to New Orleans shortly before Hurricane Katrina. Now living in Gentilly with his wife, the father of two said his music is inspired by his years of listening to New Orleans funk. 

Throughout his life, Dolese utilized the Library to find and access music, and he said he’s grateful to play a role in providing that same service for others.

“It feels great to be a part of this. I think it’s really awesome that the Library took the time to create this service, it’s so important to invest in local music and to have a space just for that is fantastic,” he said. “I think it’s a great way to showcase local artists, but also give a platform for people to locally access free music. I just think it’s really great for the community, all around.”

Dolese said the $250 stipend was an added bonus of being chosen for the platform. While the payout might seem small to some, he said it’s far more than most people will ever make by having their music on major music streaming platforms. 

“You have to get so many hits to make money on other streaming services, it’s pretty ridiculous,” he said. “I think the fact that [the Library] pays artists is really awesome, because it’s so hard to make money off having your music streamed, but that’s the primary way people listen to music today.” 

Crescent City Sounds launched last October, with 29 other albums alongside “Shake It.” The collection is curated by a team of Library staff and established players in New Orleans’ music community. The Library opened a second submission round on March 3, and is accepting new music through April 5. 

Prospective artists must primarily perform in New Orleans and submissions cannot have been recorded more than five years ago. Submissions must include a minimum of four songs or be at least 20 minutes in length. For more detailed guidelines on how, what, and where to submit, visit or email with other inquiries. 

Dolese said he’s excited to watch the platform expand and is looking forward to following along as new music is added. 

“I think it can really grow into something great, and it’s an honor to be included,” he said. 

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