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City Archives & Special Collections: Celebrating 75 Years at the Library

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the City Archives at the New Orleans Public Library, staff created an exhibit to feature the contributions of nine City Agencies to the collections held at the City Archives. Each exhibit will show the historically significant, impactful, and interesting materials the agencies have transferred to the Archives.

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The Fisk Free and Public Library first opened in January 1897 inside St. Patrick's Hall on Lafayette Square. The institution would later be renamed the New Orleans Public Library. (Courtesy New York Public Library)
125 Years of NOPL

Celebrating 125 Years of the New Orleans Public Library

On January 18, 1897, the New Orleans Public Library opened its doors for the first time. Fast forward to 2022. The New Orleans Public Library now operates a 15-location system with a collection of more than 466,000 items and enriches the community with access to free services and resources that its founders could likely have never imagined.

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Andrew Mullins and Brittanny Silva head the Library's research into New Orleans streets up for renaming.
Impact Stories

Library Research Provides Facts-Based Foundation to Rename Streets

Two New Orleans Public Library researchers have been working tirelessly to produce an in-depth, facts-based report on the origins and historical context of 25 street and park names throughout the city, which have been flagged for celebrating the Confederacy and are being considered for renaming.

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