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Celebrating 125: Our Most Checked Out Books

The Library’s 125th anniversary year is wrapping up! To close our our celebrations, we’re taking a look back through time to calculate our all-time top 125 books. Unfortunately, the Library’s current circulation records only date back to the 1980s, when we made the switch from an analog to a digital catalog. So, without further ado, enjoy exploring our 125 most popular books since 1988:

The Library's Top 125 Books:

You may have noticed a large number of the above books are for children or youth. This is because parents, caregivers, or teachers will often check out large amounts of them at a time, and classics like Dr. Seuss and “Where the Wild Things Are” have maintained their popularity for decades.

In order to get a more comprehensive picture of what Library users have been reading for the past 34 years, our acquisitions team put together another list, this time excluding children’s and middle-grade books. Check them out below:

The Library's Top 125 Books: YA & Adults

For the past year, we’ve been collecting and telling stories and photos that capture the New Orleans Public Library’s 125-year history. Explore our collection here, and email us at to share your own story! 

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