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Who's Haunting Your House?

Identify Your Resident Ghost with the 1950 Interactive Census Map

This Halloween, discover the identity of that mysterious presence that’s been haunting your home. The newly released 1950 census comes with an interactive map, accessible at any Library location with Ancestry Library Edition. Follow these steps to identify your ghost:

1. Visit your neighborhood Library, and find Ancestry Library Edition on our e-Resources webpage. Their homepage features the 1950 Census district finder. Click to explore maps.

2. Type your address in the search bar, or zoom in on the map to find your house. The map is broken down into census districts. Select your district on the map, then click the district number in the details box.

3. Find your street name and house address on the left side of the census records. You can learn the names and ages of everyone who lived there in 1950, along with their jobs, what state they were born in, and whether they were married.

Could this be the ghost who’s haunting your house? Next time the lights flicker or the door mysteriously opens, ask them and see! 

Happy Halloween from the Library!

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